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Mikvah Chaim

About Mikvah Chaim

The Ohev Sholom Mikvah Chaim is an inclusive, kosher mikvah open to individuals from all streams of Judaism.

In Judaism, water is a symbol of life. It is no wonder that Sages tell us that when beginning a Jewish community our first act is to build a mikvah. Even before a synagogue is built, we must have mayim chayim, “living waters” to be able to function as a Jewish community. Like ancient mikvaot, Mikvah Chaim contains living waters. “Living water” means running or moving water, and comes from a God-given source such as rain, snow, ice, spring water or the ocean. Because the mikvah is a symbol of spiritual cleansing, transformation, and renewal, individuals come to the living waters at times of change in their lives or to commemorate a special occasion. For more information on Mikvah Chaim, please visit

Immersing in the mikvah can be a time for reflection and spiritual elevation. Our staff is available to work with you to create the spiritual environment and immersive experience you desire. Our attendants have been extensively trained with the expectation of the utmost sensitivity to any of our patrons’ needs, including special training in breast cancer awareness and fertility sensitivity. We would be honored to help facilitate your immersion.

For more information, please email Rabbanit Sara Wolkenfeld at

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784