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Communal Guidelines

Hospitality Guidelines for Kashrut & Shabbat

At Ohev Sholom we believe that hosting a Shabbat or holiday meal is the birthright of every Jew. And providing the education and knowledge to host a Shabbat and holiday meal is the religious responsibility of every shul. These guidelines are intended to serve as an objective reference point with the hope that members of this community can engage in open conversations to explain their needs with clarity and respect.

As a community, we have always been committed to respecting the personal decisions that every household makes about how they will observe Kashrut and Shabbat in their own homes. All of us are on a religious journey and the pace and scope of that journey, and its destination, must be authentic for each individual. With these guidelines we hope to empower you to extend and accept invitations for Shabbat hospitality with the confidence that the food is kosher, and that the food can be eaten and enjoyed according to the Laws of Shabbat.

Ohev Sholom Hospitality Guidelines on Kashrut & Shabbat

Please reach out to Rabbi Wolkenfeld if anything in the document is unclear or if you have further questions that are not addressed within.

Approved Hechshers (Kashrut Symbols)

We encourage you to review this list of acceptable hechshers which can be used as a general guideline. Additional information is available in the document listed above. ​​​​​If you have questions about a specific food item or hashgacha please contact Rabbi Wolkenfeld.

List of Acceptable Hechshers / Kashrut Symbols

Shaimos Guidelines 

Please review these guidelines for how Jewish texts should be disposed.

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