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Hosting a Bris at Ohev Sholom

Mazel tov! We are thrilled that you have a newborn and are hosting a bris at Ohev Sholom. Please review the following guidelines to help you navigate during this time.

1) Clergy & Mohel: When your baby arrives, let Rabbi Wolkenfeld know as soon as possible. They can recommend a mohel. Timing for the bris usually depends on the mohel's availability - and your preference. The mohel and clergy will help you navigate who does what (including honors for family and friends).

2) Room Rental: For a bris of 60 people or fewer, we recommend the following combination: Ceremony in the chapel, with the reception in the Chadar Tikvah (room across from chapel) with possible overflow in the hallway. Another option, during cooler months, is having the ceremony in chapel and reception in the Atrium (the lobby behind the main sanctuary). If you expect more than 60 people, we recommend using the chapel and having the reception in the social hall. If you expect more than 100 people, we recommend using the sanctuary with a reception in the social hall. Please visit for pricing.

3) Maintenance and Security Guards: If your bris is during non-business hours, we require additional fees to cover maintenance and security. Please visit for pricing.

4) Food: The family is responsible for the food. Most people go with platters from Goldberg's ( Other options include Moti's, Shalom's and DIY from Costco. In the craziness of a new baby, most people are happy with not having to worry about the details and just ordering bris platters. We recommend under-ordering from Goldberg's, as their food stretches.

5) Paper goods/Decor: These are not included in the above pricing, but you can add-on a paper goods package which includes plastic tablecloths (assorted colors available) and our regular paper goods. Most families opt to bring their own but we make it available if you prefer. Please visit for pricing.

For additional information, please be in touch with Rabbi Wolkenfeld. If event pricing is prohibitive, we are happy to discuss accommodating your needs. 

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784